Remarkable impact for agriculture businesses through inspired investment

Sisban’s expertise in real estate increased our appreciation for the enormous value potential of land not just for construction but also for growing crops.

So we acquired large, fertile estates in Egypt on which we pioneered the production and processing of quality agricultural produce of a standard that could be exported to European markets.

Ranging from the humble potato to more exotic fruits such as grapes, mangos and dates, we have since grown our farms to many times their original size and and become one of the largest high quality product exporters in North Africa.

60 million

Square meters of land cultivated

3,300 +



Metric tons of fruits and vegetables sold annually


Countries exported to globally

Our agriculture philosophy

Continuous growth and expansion in the products we farm, the processes we develop and the markets we cover

Our agriculture strategy

  • Vertically integrating our business from farm management to food processing to product trading
  • Growing across the globe to cover an all-year continuous cycle of harvesting and supply of quality produce
  • Adding new crops and varieties to our portfolio according to market demand
  • Diversifying into exporting and trading others’ products
  • Adopting international best practices in food processing and packaging

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