Our Culture

By collaborating with like-minded and like-hearted people we create real value with a remarkable impact. We are always positive and certain in everything we do. Our generous support drives continuous improvement within our investments. And thanks to our agile thinking, we view roadblocks as way to invent great opportunities for local businesses to grow into global brands within Real Estate, Agriculture and Food & Beverage sectors.


To build a happy community through Inspired Investments and Remarkable Impact.


There is no mission greater than the path you choose.


Achieving our Vision

Through collaboration with like-minded people

We form partnerships with individuals and businesses who share our vision and values to enhance the lives of the communities in which we operate and to create a lasting and remarkable impact.

Through continuous Improvement

We are generous with our time and expertise, supporting and empowering people at all levels to think creatively and work one team.

Through agile thinking

We don’t see barriers, only the opportunities to grow local businesses into their full potential.

Through positivity

We trust in ourselves and others. Our culture is upbeat and there is no room for negativity. We are certain in everything we do, turning adversity into opportunity.

Our Values

We are a unique investment company on a mission to change lives for better through remarkable impact. We encourage entrepreneurial behaviour, empowering people to think creatively. We are truly caring for our business communities and respect them as a family. We are generous with our time and provide training and support to help them flourish. We are trusting, giving people the opportunity be part of Sisban’s success. This in turn feeds value creation and rewards our investors.

our values


We are positive in everything we do.

We see opportunities where others may not.

We support one another, employees, partners, customers, neighboursand everyone we cross paths with.

We create a welcoming environment that reflects back in the work we do.


We act like owners and treat our business as if it was our own.

We hold ourselves accountable for the work we do, regardless of the outcome.

We demonstrate a genuine interest in contributing to the company’s success.. ​



Going above and beyond for those that matter.

We give back when we can.

We put people first. They are our greatest asset, and the driving force behind value creation.

We are generous in spirit, providing our people and businesses with our time, training and support.

We listen, understand and reflect on what our people have to say.

We invest in people, and in order to do so we invest in best resources for our employees, partners and others in our community.


We’re not stuck in our ways and are always open-minded. We welcome new ideas or ways of doing things.

We adapt swiftly as opportunities and challenges present themselves.

This mindset frees our thinking and in turn keeps us ahead of the curve.

Our Personality


We are grounded and considerate at all times.

We have no airs or graces and recognise everyone’s abilities and achievements.

We never forget our own beginnings and where we have come from.

We’re also smart, but we don’t let this go to our heads.


We’re passionate in our mission to leave a remarkable impact on people’s lives.

We are dedicated, working hard with our business partners across the world and growing the real value of their operations.

We are ambitious and totally focused on everything we do.


We encourage entrepreneurial spirit within our businesses, whilst being a hands on and supportive partner whenever required.

We empower individuals to be creative and continuously innovate so that our teams can flourish and prosper.

our personality

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