Our Story

We are a unique investment company with a duty to make a remarkable impact on the lives of others through inspired investment.

We partner with entrepreneurial talents, who share our vision and values, to create exceptional business success. We encourage and empower all our people to think creatively about value enhancement and we support them with innovative training programs for continuous personal development.


Our Origins

Sisban takes its name and inspiration from the Sesbania Grandiflora, also known as the Sisban Tree.

This particularly fast growing tree thrives in diverse and challenging climates and lays deep roots in virtually any soils. It is a hardy and resistant plant, being able to adapt, survive and evolve according to changing environments and also under cultivation. It flowers all year round and is versatile, having a multitude of traditional uses, mostly as medicine and food, but also ranging from support for reforestation and wind barriers, to ropes, fuel and even beauty products.

Sisban shares many of the qualities of the Sesbania Grandiflora.

We are resilient and determined, having the ability to thrive under difficult and challenging circumstances. We are versatile, and can turn our knowledge and experience to create real business advantages across a diverse range of sectors. We are agile and through our positive thinking we don’t see barriers, only great opportunities to turn local businesses into global brands.

Above all, we are positive and certain in everything we do to make remarkable impacts that enrich and nurture the lives of others.

Our Evolution

Sisban’s journey started in 2007 when its founders decided to join forces and make their mark on the world.

Founded initially as a real estate development company, Sisban rapidly made a name for itself through shrewd investments and landmark property transactions in the Saudi market. Before long, Sisban spread its wings to develop commercial and residential property projects further afield in the Middle East, and it was through this that the partners identified the rich potential of lands not just from construction but also from cultivation.

Sisban started acquiring fertile farm lands in North Africa and educated itself on world class processing techniques for a variety of agricultural products. By implementing these across its estates, Sisban was able to open European export markets that had previously been inaccessible to local farms and rapidly became one of the leading agricultural exporters in the region.

This diversification into agriculture inspired the founders to expand Sisban’s business further up the food value chain by branching into the food and beverage sector. The rationale was to combine Sisban’s experience in real estate and agriculture by opening and operating chains of restaurants for exciting new brands. Over time, Sisban acquired some brands and collaborated with leading chefs to create others. It now owns and operates a diverse brand portfolio across three continents, truly capturing the value chain from seed to table.

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