Premium-quality fresh produce grown on fertile North African soils

We pride ourselves on being one of the leading producers of premium quality fresh fruit and vegetable products in North Africa.  All our crops are grown on the rich and fertile soils of our various farms in Egypt, Morocco and Algeria, which total over 60 million square meters and employ over 3,300 people.

We grow a large variety of produce, including grapes, dates, mangos, citrus fruits, dates, pears and strawberries. All our crops are grown, harvested, processed, packaged and transported in accordance with the highest international quality standards to dozens of supermarket clients in the UK and European markets.

Our farms have a wide range of international quality certificates that assure our best practices and enable us to deliver our produce within the fastest possible time to guarantee freshness and quality and meet retail requirements and the highest customer satisfaction.

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Grapes, citrus, dates, mangos, stone fruits, pears, strawberries, pomegranates, assorted vegetables




Egypt, UK, The Netherlands