Best in class food processing setting new standards for the Middle East

With its farming and trading infrastructure already well established, Sisban is now turning its attention to food processing and there are a number of new enterprises and initiatives in the pipeline which will complete our full-circle integration in the agriculture sector.

We will process the products we grow or trade and offer them to customers in a number of varieties. We are expanding into an assortment of olives, and plan to offer them in a number of different processes which include sliced, cured whole table olives, and premium olive oil. Additionally, we will be offering dates in a variety of processes: dried, packed, chocolate dipped, and in spread, and syrup form to cater for a more diversified palate and forging the way for novel trends within this market.

As one of the three pillars of our Agriculture business division, food processing requires a high level of expertise, diligence and investment. At Sisban, we view it as complimentary to, and the natural extension of, our already successful farming and trading businesses.


Olives, Barhi dates, Majdool Dates and Figs