Connecting farms to an international client network in over 20 countries

We trade the agricultural products that we grow on our farms to over 20 countries in the UK and European markets.  We do this not just for produce grown on our own farms but also on the farms of others.

In addition to our staple products such as grapes, dates and mangos, we trade and sell a variety of other products such as garlic, nuts and potatoes. We trade not just fresh but also frozen products and Sisban has four of its own packing facilities which are used for the processing, washing, cooling, and packaging of produce for export.  Through these capabilities, we are able to penetrate the markets both vertically and horizontally, including adding new products to our portfolio and sourcing products from other countries around the world.

Our trading and sourcing operations often also involve our own direct investment, which is to ensure that processing and packaging from other farms meets the quality expectations of our clients. A good example of this is our joint venture with a major grower in Lebanon, where we invested in upgrading and modernizing their facilities so we could supply their grapes to our EU customers.


Grapes, Barhi dates, mangos, and pears