Premium-quality fresh produce grown on fertile North African soils

Sisban invested in its farms not just for the land but also to upgrade and improve processing facilities and worker skills and know-how so as to achieve international accreditation for its products. Now they are harvesting, processing, packaging and transporting crops of the highest quality, and Sisban’s farms have become leading examples of how North African farms can export their fresh produce to premium clients in international markets.






Egypt, UK, The Netherlands

Remarkable Impact 1

Since 2012, we have worked to hire people from across the region and to train and educate them to international standards. The number of people employed by Sisban in its agriculture division has grown from 300 to more than 10,000 individuals. Sisban is keen to acquire, train and retain the best talent and incentivise them to make remarkable impact on the business, as well as on their lives and the communities in which they live.

Remarkable Impact 2

We bring our values to life in more ways than one. By treating our employees with kindness, respect and generosity, we have seen them work harder and care more. We have practiced giving back to our employees as an active initiative for years. Available for both part-time and full-time employees, performance incentives and financial support are provided to raise moral and help motivate the team. We have also supported employees starting a family or entering a new chapter in life. We know that the impact we make here is forever and will continue doing so.

Remarkable Impact 3

In order to shape the future of agriculture, we use innovative and sustainable solutions to tackle some of the key challenges for the environment. At Sisban, we have a wider vision beyond return-on investment and in order to achieve that vision we relentlessly push breakthrough innovation for an eco-friendlier farming. We do this by improving crop protection, seeding and biodiversity. Sustainability is the key for a better tomorrow in the agriculture sector and promoting it across the farming chain has increased our food production capacities.