A mix of traditional & contemporary sweets.

Nagwa started back in 2004 from the founder’s personal need to gift local Kuwaiti sweets to friends and family when traveling abroad. The Nagwa concept places emphasis on the food gifting aspect, and has made huge investment in packaging design aimed to help traditional Kuwaiti desserts and sweets rediscover their place in contemporary Kuwaiti culture.

Now Nagwa has found its way to be the leading Kuwaiti influenced gourmet food gift shop in Kuwait. It offers a wide selection of traditional confectionaries like Rahash, Darabeel, and Ghuraiba, with a modern and stylish approach to presentation and packaging.

With 11 sites across Kuwait, Nagwa will soon open a second production factory in Saudi Arabia to support its expansion into multiple sites in the region where all its traditional flavours originate from.






Saudi Arabia, Kuwait