Gun Bun

Pocket sandwiches harnessing the flavours of the Josper

Gun Bun is committed to delivering dishes that are of elevated taste and texture. Not only do we work with highly-skilled chefs, but we have also incorporated one of the best-in-line chef’s toys – the Josper Oven, regarded by chefs worldwide as one of the finest methods of cooking.

Our food concept features the perfect marriage of an oven and a grill, reclaiming the magic of rich aroma and flavour for a cooking technique normally associated with more niche, gourmet restaurants. Emblematic of an older culinary period, the oven locks flavour for the juiciest, most flavoursome steaks to unleash smells of the past, conjuring a cuisine with rich flavours and an inexplicable passion for the grill.

Gun Bun stands out with its uniqueness and originality, so expanding to Kuwait is the next best step to sharing the secret delicacy of dough burgers.


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