Training Programs

continuous learning

We want everyone at Sisban to be an expert at what they do, so we help our teams right from day one to master all the essential skills they need in order to do be the best at their job.

Comprehensive skills training programs are tailored to each role within every brand and are delivered both online and by our experienced training managers.

Our skills training covers all the essential statutory and legal courses as well as training our team members in our kitchens and front of house to deliver excellent products and service for our much-valued customers.

Sisban offers team members more than just jobs, we offer careers. We develop career paths in each brand which allow our team members to climb up the ladder. Our career paths are transparent so everyone knows how they can learn more, develop their skills further and get ready to move into new positions.

Our Leadership Academy is the pinnacle of learning within Sisban and is essential to become a successful Owner Operator. Developed together with ADDO, a globally renowned US-based leadership consultancy, we help our managers to go from good to great. We know that true leadership makes a real difference to our people, our customers and our business, so we help our Site Managers become the best version of themselves, true leaders who can inspire their teams to achieve great success. The focus of our academy training is predominantly on soft skills, the skills which are necessary to become a remarkable leader and make a real impact.

Some roles within Sisban require professional qualifications, such as Finance roles or Human Resources for example. We want to create opportunities wherever possible so we actively engage with our team members to understand what their individual aspirations are and whether we can make those aspirations a reality within Sisban. We support team members who move into these specific functions by sponsoring their professional qualifications which means they can focus on learning instead of their finances.