Owner Operator Model

Sisban recognises that having a genuine sense of ownership is what truly encourages and catalyses exceptional business performance.  When people have a tangible feeling that they really are a stakeholder in the business they operate, they are motivated to succeed.

We identify our best entrepreneurial talents with the highest potential in the Sisban family and give them the opportunity to participate in our restaurants through our unique owner operator model.

This gives our operators fully 50% ownership of the profits their restaurant generates, coupled with a huge degree of autonomy over the day-to-day operations.  For this they make no investment whatsoever, because Sisban wholly funds all the restaurant costs until profitability.  Furthermore, Sisban provides our owner operators full back office support, operational guidance and management training through the Sisban Leadership Academy.

The Sisban owner operator model is an inspired way to support, nurture and incentivise the leaders of tomorrow.  The generous ownership stake and caring family support we give reflect Sisban’s belief in our people and that given the opportunity they can achieve remarkable impacts through what they do.