Ali Al-Shareef

Group Chief Executive Officer

Ali is the Group CEO of Sisban and founded the firm as an investment vehicle in 2008. Exemplifying a new breed of young and entrepreneurial Saudi business leaders, Ali was driven to establish Sisban by his unique strategic vision and his ability to identify market trends early and exploit them through carefully chosen investments.

Under his dynamic leadership, over the past decade Sisban has expanded from its original focus on Saudi real estate into international property development, farming, trading of agriculture produce and, most recently, food and beverage. Sisban has now grown to become a leading Saudi investor in the GCC and under his guidance it is spreading its wings globally, remodelled to take advantage of opportunities across international markets.

Ali has extensive business and investment experience in local, regional and international markets. His track record in making and exiting investments profitably has earned him the trust and confidence of the GCC investor community and his passionate pursuit of excellence and integrity in all aspects of Sisban’s business dealings have made him a highly respected and sought after business partner.

Ali is an alumnus of Harvard Business School.