The Chestnut Bakery story

A community bakery that embraces worldly baking techniques, serving modern yet authentic baked goods.

During the pandemic we seized the opportunity to establish Chestnut Bakery as a store front brand

Chestnut Bakery was acquired by Sisban Food in 2019 when it was operating as a delivery only brand in Kuwait. Seeing the brand potential, Sisban Food worked alongside the brand founder Chef Ahmed Al Bader to enhance the concept so it could then be positioned as a serious contender to some of the most established bakery brands in London.

This involved making a full revision of the brand’s core values, through embracing a variety of worldwide baking traditions and championing a culture of innovation that brings people together. Sisban believes in the quality of relationships with local communities, so we also work hard with various charities to make a difference in the local neighbourhood in which each bakery operates.

The result is a revamped Chestnut brand that delivers knowledge, craftsmanship, opportunities and benefits to aspiring generations who want to practice the magical art of baking.






London, Riyadh

Remarkable Impacts

The Sisban Food moved quickly through the re-branding and inception phases to establish the first Chestnut location in London in record time. We rapidly created and implemented operating manuals and guidelines into the business and used a forward thinking approach to technology to streamline guest experience and open multiple revenue streams by maximising order at the table and on demand, same day nationwide delivery as well as pre-order click and collect.

Chestnut Bakery works with local baking schools to offer internships and training plans to inspire the next generation of bakers. We also work with Only A Pavement Away, a charity that offers jobs to people facing or experiencing homelessness, prison leavers and veterans, and helps to place them into long term, stable employment.

Chestnut Bakery practices Sisban’s desire to help the local communities in which its businesses operate. Chestnut donates food to the Felix Project helping feed the homeless across London and also raises money for The Chelsea Pensioners. It is also environmentally conscious, by reducing food waste through creating a ‘Surplus’ range of products that utilise food waste in and by partnering with Too Good To Go to reduce CO² emissions.



“Chestnut Bakery is a prime example of Sisban’s remarkable impact – creative vision, value added thinking and agile execution of a business strategy that is already helping to give back to our communities”