The Beatnic story

100% Plant-based and vegan restaurant with locations in NYC, Boston, LA and Rhode Island.

Remarkable Impacts

by CHLOE. Initially caught our attention in 2016. At the time, it had one operating site in Greenwich Village. Due to its unique concept we foresaw its high potential for growth in becoming a worldwide leading brand.

In the early stages, we had a small share in the mother company with the Master Franchise in the United Kingdom and the Middle East. Fast-forward to 2020, by CHLOE. has 15 operating sites, but went through a year of significant challenges between the partners. Sisban stepped forward as a leader to solve the conflict and became the majority shareholder of the company.

Emerging from the challenging period of COVID, we took short-term losses for our long-term benefits and closed a few operating sites, then decided a rebranding was imperative to ensure our position as a leader in the market.







Inspired by the “Beat Generation

Together with Kitchen Fund & Bain Capital, the co-leading strategic investors of the new company, Sisban appointed Pearl Fisher, our remarkable partners to execute the rebranding. On July 26th, Sisban successfully debuted Beatnic as the leading vegan concept in New York with a fresh look and feel to the experience, an enhanced menu, and a memorable customer experience.

Beatnic is inspired by the “Beat Generation” the anti-conformists of the late1940s to mid-1960s. The Beatniks were the rebellious bunch who adopted an anti-authoritarian philosophy, and embodied characteristics of the West Village, reflected today by its vibrant, creative, inclusive, and progressive values in its new iteration, guided by Catey Meyers, the President of Beatnic.

This marks only the start of the our success journey towards retaining our position of the leading vegan concept in the US and beyond.

Sisban’s Remarkable Impact with Beatnic

The brand previously had a vague positioning in the market. Today, we’ve positioned it clearly as a vegan concept serving plant-based food with values that are derived from the West Village in New York.